Equality & Diversity Statement

The Plus Group is committed to building an organisation that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience and different cultural perspectives available in a multi-ethnic and diverse society.

We aim to prevent unfair treatment in all our dealings with the public and contractors, as well as those who work for us. We believe everyone should have the equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination, which is why we ensure that these fundamental rights are fully respected.

All our clients, employees and job applicants are treated equally and are not discriminated on the grounds of their social circumstances or background. We do not discriminate against gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

We take our responsibilities seriously, we believe that everyone including our staff, clients and members of the public has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. We will adhere to the guidance and suggestions of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in all our working policies, procedures and practices, creating a work environment where people feel they are appreciated, valued and can achieve their potential irrespectively.


We Will Always…

  • challenge all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • respect variety of lifestyles, cultures and religions
  • ensure that equality and diversity are embedded into every aspect of our work
  • monitor and review all our staff to ensure that our workforce complies to our views on equality and diversity.

We have four equality and diversity standards

  • Provide equal opportunity for all.
  • Foster good relations and respect all sectors of the community.
  • Never discriminate against persons in our service delivery, commissioning or employment.
  • Always provide an environment free from fear and discrimination.

The aims of this policy are to ensure that:

  • no-one receives less favourable treatment, on grounds of any protected characteristic (including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion/belief, sex and sexual orientation); or is disadvantaged by any conditions, requirements, provisions, criteria, procedures or practices that cannot be justified on any other grounds.
  • no-one is victimised for taking action against any form of discrimination or harassment, or instructed or put under pressure to discriminate against, or harass, someone on the above grounds.
  • the organisation is free of unwanted conduct that violates the dignity of workers or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, offensive, or humiliating environment.
  • opportunities for employment, training and promotion are equally open to male and female candidates, candidates from all racial groups, candidates with or without disabilities, and candidates of any age, and of any sexual orientation, religion or belief.
  • selection for employment, promotion, transfer, training, and access to benefits, facilities and services, will be fair and equitable, and based solely on merit.
  • all workers will be informed of the policy, their rights and responsibilities under the policy, and on how the policy will affect the way they carry out their duties. No-one will be in any doubt about what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable conduct in the organisation. Unacceptable conduct includes discrimination and harassment at work-related social functions.
  • managers and workers in key decision-making areas will be trained on the discriminatory effects that provisions, practices, requirements, conditions, and criteria can have on some groups, and the importance of being able to justify decisions to apply them.
  • complaints about discrimination or harassment during employment will be regarded seriously, and may result in disciplinary sanctions, and even dismissal. The grievance procedure will be published in a form that is easily accessible.
  • opportunities for employment, promotion, transfer and training will be advertised widely, internally and externally, and all applicants will be welcomed, irrespective of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief.
  • all workers will be encouraged to develop their skills and qualifications, and to take advantage of promotion and development opportunities in the organisation. All employees carrying out work of ‘equal value’ will receive equal pay, regardless of their sex, race or any other protected characteristic, and equal pay audits will be carried out as necessary.
  • selection criteria will be entirely related to the job or training opportunity.
  • we will make reasonable changes to overcome physical and non-physical barriers that make it difficult for disabled employees to carry out their work, and for disabled customers to access our services.
  • we will take a flexible approach to working arrangements. We will consider requests for changes carefully and objectively. We will accommodate them unless it would cause significant difficulties to the business or employees.
  • customers and clients will be made aware of the policy, and of their right to fair and equal treatment, irrespective of race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender, religion/belief, disability or age, via our website.
  • the business will take all necessary steps to ensure that employees are legally entitled to work in the UK, making sure that employees from outside the EU have permission to work here by checking the validity of documents and keeping copies of them for two years after the employment has come to an end.

This policy has the full support of the management team and has been authorised by the management.