5 things to check for Fire Door safety

5 Things to Check for Fire Door safety graphic
5 Things to Check for Fire Door safety graphic

Fire doors are a critical element in preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Here are five things to check that your fire door is compliant and safe.

  • CERTIFICATION – Look for a label, a plug or similar marking to show that it is certificated and follow the instructions. All ironmongery such as locks, latches, closers, and hinges, must be CE Marked and compatible with the door leaf’s certification.
  • APERTURES – Altering the door for glazing apertures and air transfer grilles will make certification void.
  • GAPS & SEALS – Check the gap around the door frame is constant and around 3-4mm and CE Marked hinges are firmly fixed with no missing screws. Ensure seals are fitted at the top and sides of the door.
  • CLOSERS – Check that the closer shuts the door onto the latch from any position – check from 75mm from the closed position.
  • OPERATION – Ensure the door closes correctly around all parts of the frame.